Top 5 Wireless Gaming Keyboards in 2020

Does the cord clutter trouble you? If so, wireless keyboards have become more mainstream than ever before in the gaming industry. Wireless keyboards offer the freedom that every gamer hopes to attain.

Gone are the days that were wireless keyboards would provide limited connectivity, short battery life. Over the years, the technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and wireless peripherals offer a competitive edge.

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One can reap all the benefits of the wired keyboards without cluttering their desks. Most wireless peripherals pack mechanical switches, super-fast response times, and many other gaming-specific features.

Interestingly, the wireless keyboard costs the same or a little higher than their premium wired counterparts. The trend has caught up so much that even professional eSports players have jumped on the bandwagon.


Best 5 Wireless Gaming Keyboards in 2020

1. Logitech G915

Logitech G915 is a real treat for gamers. With its modern, sleek, and beautiful design It is hard to imagine a better wireless peripheral. It comes with excellent mechanical switches that are covered with minimalistic keycaps.

It comes with a basket full of features such as generous battery life, a dedicated macro key, and a full media bar.More so, gamers can give farewell to keyboard shortcuts to record macros. It is a tenkeyless model, which means it does not come with a number pad.

The absence of Numpad makes it a small, thin, and portable wireless gaming keyboard. Additionally, the ultrathin keycaps even give it a lean look.On the flip side, the Logitech G915 comes at a whopping price of $250, which is a lot of money for even a luxurious model like the G915. More so, the keyboard looks beautiful with the brushed-metal finish over the plasticky chassis.

Gamers need not worry about the plasticky frame as it feels sturdy and premium grade.The Logitech G915 has a column on the far left that is packed with macro keys, including three-macro-profile keys. The upper right section of the G915 has a full set of media keys, including a volume roller.

The buttons come very handy and work beautifully on the Logitech G915.One of the biggest perks of buying a Logitech peripheral is that it runs on the Logitech G Hub Software, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Gamers can switch between a variety of color effects and another lighting.

Players can also use the software to record macros and even set up gaming profiles. The programmable macros and RGB are one of the best features on the peripheral.However, the Logitech G915 does not allow reprogramming each key, akin to many of the wireless keyboards in the same price point. But the G915 performs where it matters, which is gaming.

The keyboard was impressive, no matter what game you throw at it.Apart from a slim and sleek look, the G915’s lightspeed wireless and multi-host Bluetooth pairing is something to applaud. Even the battery life excellent, and Logitech claims it to last 135 days without the lighting.

With the RGB lighting, it can easily last 30+ gaming hours.Overall, Logitech has crafted the thinnest and most satisfying wireless gaming peripheral. Apart from a missing wrist rest, which should be given considering its premium price, the G915 comes as a great gaming keyboard.

2. Logitech K350

The Logitech K350 is one of the only gaming keyboards that attempt to change the shape of the standard keyboard with a wave-like style. The curved and contoured design offers additional support to typists and gamers. It is filled with features such as over thirty programmable hotkeys, palm rest, and more.

Logitech K350 has a roomy design and by far, is one of the most prominent keyboards. While it is applaudable that Logitech came up with a new wave-like design, it takes time to get used to it. One of the most disappointing components are the keys as they feel cheap and not premium-grade at all.

If it were not for Logitech’s logo on the board, the peripheral would go as a standard keyboard.But Logitech compensates by the basket full of hotkeys and controls. It is one of its unique selling points as it has over 30 hotkeys, out of which seventeen can be reprogrammed using the SetPoint application.

It also comes with central volume toggle, media buttons, including independent buttons for music and photos. To boot, it even comes with a separate hotkey for settings, zoom toggle, search, email, and more.The K350 connects via a wireless dongle and works effectively without a single interruption.

What is even better is that there is no need to install any drivers. The wireless convexity is flawless and does not drop once. More so, it reconnects in a snap after it goes to sleep.Given the price, the keys are the only disappointing factor. More so, the clickity noise is loud and disturbing.

However, the keys have a solid feel in the middle of each keystroke and have a decent rebound.For the most part, the Logitech K35 is a big roomy gaming keyboard that is both comfortable and enjoyable. Also, the wave-like form factor is worth a try, especially if you are a typist.

3. Corsair K63 Wireless

The Corsair is one of the most popular and most significant players when it comes to manufacturing gaming peripherals. Corsair’s wireless gaming lapboard - K63, is small, compact, durable, and very comfortable to play games or type. The K63 is Corsair’s first keyboard that has ditched cables.

It is also one of the first wireless peripherals with mechanical switches and backlighting.The tenkeyless keyboard can fit any gaming setup and easy to carry around. Interestingly, it also connects via Bluetooth and, therefore, can connect pretty much with any device. When it comes to design, the Corsair K63 is clean, modern, and sleek.

It is a frameless lapboard with the top bezel to make it even more attractive. It adds flair with the dedicated space for media control. It is a carbon copy of the wired version.The Corsair K63 is a monocolored keyboard, which is a slight drawback. It comes with a bright blue color rather than a traditional red. Even with low brightness, the blue color feels unpleasant. Honestly, it is not the best look as it lacks the panache of Corsair’s premium peripherals.

While many of the wireless peripherals are designed for typing and gaming, the K63 is built keeping gaming in mind from the ground up. It has black, raised keycaps that are both comfortable to play games or type.The K63 offers the most it can in the compact space by providing a full suite of media keys.

The spacing of the keys is excellent, as it does not increase the overall footprint. It is great gaming peripheral for couch gamers. More so, it comes with a decent battery life that lasts up to fifteen hours and about eight hours with the backlighting. One can always increase the lifespan of the battery by dimming the backlighting.

The Corsair K63 gaming peripheral pairs via a 2.4 GHz USB dongle. It maintains a secure connection and does not drop even once. The only drawback is that the dongle is tiny, and one has to always fear of not losing it.

Beyond that, the K63 is perfect for gaming with the Cherry MX switches. It is delightful to play on it, and for a moment a player will forget that it is wireless set up.All-in-all it is a great gaming keyboard, especially if you want to enjoy the couch-side experience.

4. Drevo Calibur

The market of mechanical keyboards has grown leaps and bounds. A general belief is that most of this mouse costs a fortune and more if it is wireless. However, an inexpensive version came along from Beijing-based manufacturer Drevo that launched one of the cheapest wireless gaming keyboard - Calibur.

The Drevo Calibur is a tenkeyless or as often known as the 80-percent keyboard, which eliminates the number pad. But the Caliber is more like a 60-percent keyboard, which removes the function-key row.While the gaming peripheral significantly reduces the footprint, it does keep the navigation keys. Even with the lack of function keys, the Calibur doubles the functionality by offering key combinations.

The Drevo Calibur feels plasticky, and keys are not fixed inside the frame but rather sit on top. Cleaning the Calibur of debris is even more comfortable because it has no border.More so, it comes with four anti-friction pads that offer optimum comfort. Meanwhile, the software is chaotic and comes with a learning curve.

On the plus side, Bluetooth pairing on the Calibur is effortless. The switches on the keyboard are loud and sharp that is uncommon among Cherry switches.The clicky sound comes due to the absence of rubber rings that dampen the noise. More so, the keyboard comes with unrate mechanical switches.

When it comes to battery, the Calibur work to about fifteen hours with lights turned on. Without the backlight, it is believed that it can function for up to twenty hours.The Drevo Calibur is a perfect wireless keyboard for amateur gamers who want some of the features of premium peripherals at a lower cost.

The Chinese peripheral does not feel like a top-quality product but does the job for gamers.

5. Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is a gaming keyboard that has everything rolled into one. The peripheral is made for Xbox gamers rather than general players. Nevertheless, Turret offers a pleasant gaming experience.

It comes with mechanical switches and a retractable mouse pad. The mouse pad is held on with a magnet that ensures that the mouse does not slip out while on your lap.As aforementioned, the Turret is designed explicitly for Xbox games, and it even comes with a dedicated Xbox key.

One of the significant drawbacks of the mosque is the whopping price of $250. The Razer Turret connects via a tiny 2.4 GHz dongle, which is a shame noting the amount it costs.Pairing the keyboard and mouse is simple; all you have to do is plug it in and switch on the keyboard.

Razer has also developed an additional app that allows gamers to tweak keyboard lighting and mouse sensitivity.When it comes to battery life, the Razer Turret is very impressive. It is rated to last eleven hours with the backlighting. However, one can always increase the battery life four times by just turning the lights off. One can also get more out of the battery by tweaking the power settings.

More so, the mechanical switches work fantastic, and the clicks are very responsive. More so, the clickiness and overall feel are gentle.While we are highlighting the keyboard, we must not ignore the mouse and the magnetic mouse pad it comes with. The magnetic mousepad never feels like lagging the movement and works like a charm.

Overall, it is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards in the market. It is worth every cent you spend and provides a pleasant gaming experience.


One can always compare the wireless gaming keyboards on the list with others before purchasing. Our article is a brief purchasing guide on the leading gaming peripherals in the market in 2020.

We hope the article is helpful to you in buying the next gaming keyboard. If you are gaming tablet lover then check our another best article about gaming tablet on

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