How to Remove Watermarks From Photos?

When you want to watermark one of your photos, make a copy of the photo and create the watermark on the copy. If you can't find the original photo, there are several ways to remove the watermark. Read through our list of suggestions, and find the one that works best for you.

Delete a Watermark Using the Original App

When your watermarked image was created with an app such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Paint 3D, use that app to remove the watermark.

  1. Open the app that you used to create the watermarked photo.
  2. Open the file that contains the watermarked photo.
  3. Find the photo that contains the watermark.
  4. Select the watermark text or image, then press Delete.
  5. Right-click on the picture and select Save as Picture. Give the image a name, choose a file format and click Save.

Crop a Picture to Remove a Watermark

When a watermark is near the edge of the photo, crop the photo to remove it. When you crop a picture, part of the image is cut off and the image is smaller.

You’ll find a Crop tool in image editing apps such as Watermark Remover and Adobe Photoshop, and in productivity software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Here’s how to crop a photo to remove a watermark:

  1. From the image editor, open the photo that has the watermark.
  2. Select the Crop tool.
  3. Click and drag over a part of the photo that doesn't include the watermark. The idea is to highlight as much as the image as you can, excluding the watermark, so get as close to it as you can to retain as much of the image as possible.
  4. Submit the changes by pressing a save or done button.

Edit the Photo Using an Image Editor App

If you can’t delete the watermark or if you don’t have the original image without the watermark, use a photo editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP or Pixlr. The Clone Stamp tool in these apps will cover up the watermark with a part of the photo.

To remove a watermark with the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop:
  1. With the image open in Photoshop, select the Clone Stamp tool from the tools menu. It's the one that looks like a stamp.
  2. Select a brush style and size that will cover the watermark. Use a soft round brush to make it easier to blend the cloned area and avoid sharp edges.
  3. With the Alt key pressed, select a part of the image that doesn't include the watermark, and then depress the key. The area you select should have similar colors and textures as the part of the photo that the watermark is covering.
  4. Brush over the watermark area to replace it with the background you sampled. You might need to keep resampling an area of the page to get it just right, and you can adjust the brush size from the menu at the top of Photoshop.
This method may take some time and practice if you aren’t familiar with Photoshop or similar tools.

Use an Online Watermark Remover

There are several online tools that make it easy to remove a watermark from your photos. If you’re looking for an online tool, check out Watermark Remover.

Removing a watermark in is similar to using the Clone Stamp tool. Select the watermark, and the app does the cloning work.

Here’s how to use Watermark Remover:
  1. Go to the Photo Watermark Remover page.
  2. Select Upload Image and choose the photo that contains the watermark.
  3. Now time to wait for processing on uploaded image.
  4. Select Download to save the photo to your computer. You’ll need to purchase credits to if you want to save the image in a high-quality format. Otherwise, it will save as a low quality image.
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